ABOUT US- Kuala Collection

Leading Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Indian Ethnic Wear for Women in Malaysia and Singapore

Established in 2015, Kuala Collection has rapidly grown to become one of the best online saree shopping sites in India. Among the Indian ethnic wear market in South Asia, our brand has become synonymous with premium quality fabrics, conventional designs, competitive prices and timely delivery. Based in Surat, we exclusively deliver our products across Singapore and Malaysia to both, individual customers as well as resellers.


Elegance In Every Stitch

At Kuala Collection, we are well-known for being the biggest manufacturers and wholesalers of the most beautiful and elegant Indian wedding sarees online. Our brand specialises in all types of women’s Indian ethnic wear, such as Sarees, Lehengas, Kurtas, Kurtis, Dress materials, Bridal collections, Indian Suits, and much more. Some of our best designs are made with the incorporation of conventional patterns, embroidery and prints that go beautifully with both, Indian as well as western outfits. Our brand also creates clothing across all sizes


Talented and Skilled Artisans and Designers

We are one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India that deal exclusively with exporting Indian ethnic wear across Singapore and Malaysia. Kuala Collection is based in Surat, Gujarat, the biggest textile and handloom industry in all of India. This city is well-known across the world for producing an impressive quality and quantity of yarn, as well as weaving, processing and handmade embroidery. Naturally, our artisans and designers at Kuala Collection are some of the most skilled and experienced in creating memorable, sophisticated and classic traditional Indian clothes, and much more.

Celebrating Culture Through Clothing

India is famous for its phenomenal handloom industry, which creates hand-spun fabrics that have distinct textures and patterns. As the land of festivals and grand weddings, the Indian ethnic wear market is like no other in the world.


Whether it is the grace of a well-designed sequined lehenga, the charming appeal of a classic Indian suit, or the simplicity and elegance of a cotton saree, there are traditional Indian attires for absolutely every occasion. At Kuala Collection, we celebrate this versatility that comes with Indian culture and tradition, by reflecting it in the clothing and apparel we manufacture and design.


The Beauty of Traditional Indian Clothing

Traditional Indian clothing is often made painstakingly with intricately placed embellishments, embroidered patterns and much more. So, as an ode to our culture, at Kuala Collection, we include these traditional Indian designs into the more modern clothing that we create as well. These often hand-woven colourful dresses, sarees, kurtas, kurtis and suits are worn for all types of celebrations, including weddings and other family gatherings.


Over the years these designs have reached the mainstream stores and have now been showing up across a global market. This has given rise to much more creativity using the artistry of fusing the conventional with the traditional, facilitating the creation of some truly heavenly ethnic garments.


Our Mission

At Kuala Collection, our goal is to create a secure and affordable platform that saree lovers and other Indian ethnic wear enthusiasts all over the world can purchase from and enjoy. We also hope to shine a spotlight on the talent of our hardworking and supremely skilled artisans, through their beautiful creations. So, when you shop at the Kuala Collection online saree store in India, you invariably support some of the most talented handloom and textile artists of India.


What Sets Us Apart

Kuala Collection is the best online saree store in India that ships to Malaysia and Singapore. We function by uplifting our craftsperson, merchants, and local brands by helping them find a global audience. At the same time, we are also the most client-driven online saree store in India. We value our customers and are determined they get their orders in a hassle-free and timely manner. This is why we maintain complete transparency with our customers, whether it is individual clients or other resellers, by giving them access to real-time updates about their orders.


Here are some of the benefits of shopping from Kuala Collection:

  • Free And Fast Shipping in Malaysia
  • Delivery within 4 - 6 days
  • Bulk orders are not necessary
  • Cater to both individual orders as well as Resellers in Malaysia
  • Premium-quality products at manufacturing price
  • Wide collection of sarees, lehengas, kurtas, dress materials and more.